What is an "open tantra circle"?

An open tantra circle is an event organized by Secret Tantra and is open to people who are interested in tantric sexuality. In summary, an open tantra circle with us can be described as follows:

Four guests

Four love artists

Four hours of tantra

Four open rooms

Four couples experience an afternoon or evening together in which tantric sexuality is celebrated. The rooms remain open. The composition of the couples is random and changes over time in a natural way. This event offers space and time for new experiences.

We create a safe and respectful space where participants can respect their comfort zone and honor their boundaries. Open communication and consent are key elements.

Who is an open tantra circle suitable for?

An open tantra circle attracts people from a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, experiences and motivations. These can be curious beginners, experienced practitioners, individuals, couples or even groups. Typically, however, participants are regular guests at Secret Tantra.

As mentioned, an open tantra circle is also suitable for groups of friends or acquaintances of any gender who would like to take part in a new experience together and use the opportunity to get to know each other better or explore new aspects of their relationship. In order to meet these individual needs, we are also happy to organize a suitable event for groups. For this we ask you to contact us directly Contact us record.

What is the procedure?

Arrival of the guests / aperitif

First, we welcome our participating guests for a small drink and snacks. During this time, there is the opportunity to arrive, get to know each other and form pairs.


The open tantra circle at Secret Tantra starts shortly before 7pm with a short welcome and introduction by Zoe and Phil. Participants will be welcomed and given some basic information about tantra and the evening's schedule. Zoe and Phil will then retire and will be available in the background for hospitality. The guests and the love artists then prepare themselves.

Breathing exercise to get started

To center you and bring you into the moment, a love artist will lead a short breathing exercise together in the large room. This serves to calm the mind and focus on the present moment. Afterwards, the couples spread out in the rooms.

Erotic exchange
The event consists of practical exercises and activities that give participants the opportunity to experience the principles of Tantra directly. For us, this is sexual bodywork aimed at awakening your senses, strengthening the connection between participants and deepening sensual awareness. Small snacks, soft drinks, tea and coffee are always available for refreshment.

Change of partner

This takes place on a fluid basis. Partners and rooms can be changed. The large room also offers space for two couples at the same time. It is also important that everything can take place in harmony and with the consent of everyone involved.

Closing meditation
The circle ends with a final meditation to close the shared space and integrate the energy of the event.

Questions and answers

We will be happy to provide you with information directly. Please use the contact form, write us a Email or just give us a call.

We are also happy to provide information about this directly. The team is ready and very much looking forward to the upcoming evening together.

In principle, it is possible for you to enjoy the tenderness of each of the love artists present. It is simply important that changes are not timed to the minute, but take place in harmony with everyone.

The love artists ensure a smooth transition. It is also possible for two couples to stay and pamper each other in the large room at the same time.

It is certainly an advantage if you have already enjoyed one or more love rituals with us.

If everyone involved agrees, this is also a suitable setting under the guidance of the love artist(s).

Respect is the top priority. A no is a no - your Tantrika will lovingly guide and lead you.

As usual, you arrive in street clothes. After the welcome and shower, all guests and love artists are naked. As usual, large, clean towels and fresh bathrobes are available.

Let us know in advance where you would like to go.

Contact the love artist who is currently accompanying you at any time.

Book your premium experience now!

All-in-one package

Participation in an open tantra circle costs CHF 1300.

Booking process

To reserve your place, use the contact form, write us a Email or just give us a call.


It is very important that we avoid no-shows or cancellations at short notice. We therefore generally only give places to guests we already know.
For this reason, we also keep a "waiting list" for guests who can join us at short notice in case someone should drop out unexpectedly.