Secret Tantra Zurich

Secret Tantra stands for highest tenderness in the Zurich area

At Secret Tantra in Volketswil, just outside Zurich, we pay attention to the balance and harmony between Tantrika and guest. Tantra is a very sensual way to live out sexuality. It leads you into completely new spheres of eroticism.

We distinguish between the Tantra Massage and the Tantra Love Ritual. As an introduction for undecided people we also offer the Lingam Massage on. This is our only offer that is less than 90 minutes. All other services take at least 90 minutes or longer. It is important to take about 20-30 minutes more time with you, as we only count on your treatment. Preliminary talks, showers, follow-up talks, etc. are of course not included in the time. It's so that you'll spend about two hours with us.

With the Tantra massage you remain passive and can fully concentrate on yourself. It's a good opportunity to get to know yourself. The Tantra love ritual is there so that you can meet at eye level and love each other. This also includes tender French kisses, oral intercourse and the Sexual union. At this point we would like to recommend that you follow the link provided. He has some interesting aspects also to the Big draw.

During these two hours you will be pampered from head to toe, from finger to toe. All our Tantra Experiences are complete packages and all include the prostate massage. If you have the wish to experience a prostate massage, then discuss this best with the Tantrika in the preliminary talk. Of course, our experienced Tantrikas will respond as soon as they feel that you want them to.

In general, it is advisable to lead a pure lifestyle and to practice yoga and/or meditation regularly in order to improve the flow of energies and thus increase the effectiveness of the technique described here.

If you are looking for a discreet place with your partner, then we can offer you the fling room from Secret Company.

Secret Tantra offers eroticism and tenderness at the highest level. Everything at the gates of Zurich in Volketswil.