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The Tantra Love Ritual of Secret Tantra

Tender, tantric massages, in particular certain acupressure points and the corresponding breathing exercises contribute to the fact that your energies begin to flow in the body. This also happens during kissing, in connection with erotic mutual touches on the yoni and the lingam and during sexual union. The Tantra love ritual of Secret Tantra naturally also includes intensive tongue kisses, oral sex, sexual union and much more.

In our Tantra love ritual not only the body is touched. Our love artists address all the senses that a person has with you. Exotic scents, soft sounds and soothing tranquillity caress you. The light of the candles additionally shapes the room and you feel transported into a distant world.

Dear Phil
As you know, I was with you three hours today. Your recommendation was a direct hit, I immediately felt "awesome" in the environment of your love artist. She convinced me above all with her human qualities such as cordiality, spontaneity and openness. That's how the three hours flew by. A completely pleasant experience will remain in my memory! Thank you very much.
Have a nice weekend!
Greetings C.

C. - Tantra Love Ritual, 27.4.2019

At the beginning, we face each other in greeting. A magical moment when our hands touch gently. We're all naked about it. Then we begin with joint breathing exercises and discover our bodies.

This is followed by an extensive, sensitive massage. A tender erotic tension begins to spread. Lustful tenderness is abundantly given away. The sweet cuddling and the tender kisses enchant. This game will continue for a long time. Already here some get into a kind of erotic trance. In the seemingly endless time, the excited bodies playfully rub against each other, but what will happen? The suspense is always extended, with an orgasm everything would be over! We take you to another level.

Gentle changes of position, soothing breathing and the return to gentle massages will expand it further and further. The excitation is lifted to the next level. The feeling of finally standing before the climax rises - one sinks into an intoxicating world of love and happiness.

The massage, the many caresses, the intoxication of the senses reaches a cosmic dream state via the physical level.

At the end of the massage in the Tantra love ritual, the senses can unite in the intoxication of the senses. This can mean a fusion of the bodies. Here, too, the rule is: Everything can be, but nothing must be.

Further interesting information, for example on the big draw you can find in our blog.

Threesome with two Tantrikas

Who hasn't dreamed of experiencing a highly erotic and, above all, genuine third party with two extremely sensual women who also live out their bisexuality among themselves?

There are no limits to your imagination.

Angelica with Khandra together a pleasure of the extra class. Everything fit. Simply wonderful to enjoy.

S. - Love ritual with two Tantrikas, 14.3.2019

In a unique Tantra love ritual for three, all three unfold such a strong erotic, sensual and sexual energy that it will take your breath away.

The Tantra love ritual with a couple
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