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climax without ejaculation

Big Draw is a way to experience a climax without ejaculation. The effects of Big Draws, a breathing and contraction exercise of the entire body, can be physically and energetically very similar to orgasm. Physiologically speaking, a big draw and an orgasm have almost the same reactions.

The tension of the muscles raises the excitement to a higher level. As you let go and relax, the excitement of the nervous system falls off - like a waterfall falling from a great height with enormous force and tension into a very deep, calm lake.

All men experience Big Draw differently. There is no compulsion in our love rituals to achieve this. However, we invite everyone to approach this state.

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The most important point comes directly after the big draw. When the energy flows into the whole body through the change in the nervous system, it comes to a calm like in a deep meditation. This is the moment when you can experience incredible peace and bliss.

Ejaculation - the energy of the man

Many men are accustomed to ending their sexual experience with ejaculation and thus transforming the excitement into deep relaxation, which at the same time often results in a loss of energy.

When a man ejaculates, the organism prepares to bring new life into the world, therefore all organs and glands of the man contribute their "gold and silver", i.e. minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids. Also the sexual power of the man is sometimes "released" with the ejaculation.

For young men an orgasm with ejaculation is often a welcome relief to relieve tension, but many older men experience again and again that too frequent ejaculation makes them tired and flabby, and look for an alternative.

Big draw and erotic trance

If you have your built up energy, this flowing warmth and the comforting shudder during receiving the Lingam Massage or in a love ritual If you don't want to let your ejaculation explode to the outside, but would rather use it for your creativity and health, then the Big Draw can be the right thing for you.

The "Big Draw" serves to distribute your complete built up sexual and erotic energy all over your body. This means that the energy is also distributed outside the genital area. You also prevent sexual "jamming," which can easily happen if you don't ejaculate.

A Guide to Big Draw
- Exhale slowly and deeply shortly before ejaculation.
- Make sure you also exhale the residual air in your body.
- When you have exhaled completely, a "hunger for air" develops, which animates you to relax and inhale into the abdominal cavity.
- Take a deep breath
- Closed anus and neck - hold air for at least one minute
- Ball your fists and tighten your muscles as tightly as possible.
- Hold this position for one minute
- Let go now
- Completely relax and trace what is happening in your body now.

Whenever you feel that you are about to ejaculate, you can tighten the pelvic floor muscles with inhalation and release them again with exhalation. This leads the orgiastic energy along the spine to the head and back again at the front (small energy cycle). Your sexual energy circulates throughout her body.

If you are interested in this and would like to try something new, discuss it with the tantrika in the preliminary. She'll be happy to grant your wishes.

Further information can be found at the FAQ or in the post sexual intercourse. In the latter we go into the techniques for the woman or the man more closely.

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