Escort in Basel

Secret Tantra brings you as a cultured man of the world together with attractive Tantrikas from the Basel region. All ladies available for escort in Basel speak at least three languages and are tantrically trained. We attach great importance to the fact that they have enjoyed complementary training such as classical massage styles, foot reflexology, etc..

They also show a very high level of education with some academic training and are characterized by a positive appearance and impeccable manners. Tantra is for them the most beautiful form of eroticism. For our Tantrikas it is not only a technique, but an inner attitude that makes them extremely desirable as erotic playmates. Instead of distance, they live and love social proximity, conveying tranquility in these hectic times. Here you will find all the information you need to know if you want to use the services of Secret Tantra for an escort in Basel and the surrounding area.

Application area

For the escort we know two areas, based on the line plan of the BVB:

zone 10

Basel surroundings
Zone 11, 12, 15

Line map BVB

Services / Prices

Tantra massage 90 minutes

Outcall Basel
CHF 400.–
EUR 400.–
USD 440.–

Outcall Basel surroundings
CHF 450.–
EUR 450.–
USD 490.–

Tantra massage 120 minutes

Outcall Basel
CHF 500.–
EUR 500.–
USD 540.–

Outcall Basel surroundings
CHF 550.–
EUR 550.–
USD 600.–

Oral sex option: Plus 50.-

Tantra love ritual 60 minutes

Outcall Basel
CHF 450.–
EUR 450.–
USD 490.–

Outcall Basel surroundings
CHF 500.–
EUR 500.–
USD 540.–

Tantra love ritual 90 minutes

Outcall Basel
CHF 600.–
EUR 600.–
USD 660.–

Outcall Basel surroundings
CHF 650.–
EUR 650.–
USD 710.–

Tantra love ritual 120 minutes

Outcall Basel
CHF 750.–
EUR 750.–
USD 820.–

Outcall Basel surroundings
CHF 800.–
EUR 800.–
USD 880.–

Tantra love ritual 180 minutes

Outcall Basel
CHF 1'050
EUR 1,050.
USD 1'110.-

Outcall Basel surroundings
CHF 1'100
EUR 1'100.
USD 1'210

Daily schedule - Saturday, May 25, 2024


On request


Online Booking
There for you around the clock.

contact form
Please indicate when, where and with whom you wish to have a tantric session.

By telephone +41 77 267 72 02
We will be happy to advise you further in German or English. So do not hesitate to contact us.




When you make the booking with us, we ask you for a short info, where our love artist may visit you.

As soon as we receive your booking, we will check if the Tantrika is really available and can pamper you.

After that we will confirm the meeting.

Approximately 45-60 minutes before the date we will contact you via SMS or Whatsapp. We want to make sure that you can receive the Tantrika.

After that we will contact you shortly before the Tantrika arrives, so that you can pick it up downstairs or you will be informed that it will arrive soon.

Then follow the pleasurable moments with you and our enchanting lady.

Longer bookings and other destinations

With pleasure our Tantrikas accompany you also for a longer period of 6 hours or more. For this, however, we attach importance to the fact that we already know you, or that you know the desired Tantrika. This is an important prerequisite for your unforgettable experience.

We are happy to answer requests for other locations individually. Usually our Tantrikas like to visit such places for longer sessions and with a higher travel allowance. If we don't know you yet, a partial payment in advance solves this little problem. Please use our contact form or call us at +41 77 267 72 02 an.