Tantra at the highest level

Time for tenderness

A team of beautiful Tantrikas full of tenderness welcomes you at the gates of Zurich. In addition, some of our love artists also visit you in the city and in the greater Zurich area.

Our Modern Tantra is passionate and leaves a lot of room for an emotional, deeply felt encounter.

Time for tenderness means time for you!

Secret Tantra, Phil

The Tantrika gives you time, time for you and your feelings. She supports you with breathing exercises, gentle touches and even ecstatic association. Fuel up with energy for everyday life!

We are easy to reach by car and public transport. Free parking is available around the house. You will find our Tantra temple in a discreet, luxuriously furnished penthouse.

We are looking forward to seeing you

Your Team Secret Tantra


Secret Tantra stands for


Cultivated, intelligent and attractive love artists

Clean, appealing ambience

Absolute discretion

Slow Erotic - Slow Sex

Eroticism and sexuality at the highest level



Here are a few impressions of our clean, quiet and stylish rooms.