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Modern Tantra - particularly effective practices

Modern Tantra © is a conscious way to come to the erotic climax. The interplay between body, mind and soul puts both partners into unimagined ecstatic spheres during sex. With this exclusive tantra form of Secret Tantra - we continue the classical tradition and detach ourselves from myths. The result is a dreamlike experience without transfiguration or religious touch.

We make Modern Tantra © out of pleasure in the cause, but also to develop ourselves personally. Another point is equivalence. There are no differences in the hierarchy between the Tantra partners. Only in this way can the basic tantric knowledge in the narrower sense be implemented particularly effectively.

Women and couples

We would like to emphasize that more and more women find access to this extended kind of sexuality. Which suggests an increased self-confidence on the part of the female sex.

Also many pairs a new era is dawning in their partnership. The insight gained that a highly developed sexuality does not immediately lead to jealousy has enabled many connections to have more freedom and more trust. You can find more information on this topic at here.

The art of Tantra - our Tantra offer:
Secret Tantra offers you a wonderful experience without stress and in complete peace and security.

2017 - Secret Tantra/Coaching S.C.

The sexual union

The mutual massaging, cuddling and caressing does not necessarily have to be sexual intercourse lead. With it you open unknown levels and reach beside the physical something like an ecstatic orgasm. You experience that your own potential is far greater than previously assumed. Many experience something completely new, overwhelming. But of course Secret Tantra has an sexual intercourse always possible.

The origin

Tantra is derived from the Sanskrit tan ("expand, stretch"). The origins of Tantra as soteriological systems (leading to salvation) lie about in the 2nd century. It has been passed on in its today known forms since the 7th or 8th century. From the tantric tradition comes, among other things, the teaching of the seven chakras.

Red, White, Black Tantra

This subdivision has been in place for some time. Here is a brief summary:

Red Tantra:
Sexual practices

White Tantra:
Practices for cleansing the astral body without selfish motives (also called Kundalini Yoga)

Black Tantra:
Magic practices for selfish manipulation of energies for selfish purposes.

As already mentioned, at Mondern Tantra © we concentrate exclusively on the red and partly the white Tantra. We use here the centuries-old techniques, in order to give to the modern humans a maximum tender and intensive experience.

We also deal with further topics in the FAQ.

For external service providers we refer to the possibilities of Secret Company or our fling rooms. Tantrikas who would like to contact us for the team can be found at jobs further information.
Secret Tantra - Modern Tantra

The Tantra Love Ritual
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