Tantra practices at Secret Tantra

Secret Tantra works with a wide range of Tantra practices that aim to promote intimacy, expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth. While some of these practices may also include sexual elements, it is important to emphasize that Tantra should not be reduced exclusively to sexual activities. Here are some examples of sexual tantra practices:

Secret Tantra - Tantra practices

Our Tantra practices

Tantric breathing techniques

At Secret Tantra, we use breathing exercises to direct energy and increase sexual arousal. Through conscious breathing, you can learn to control and enhance your sexual energy.

We practice tantric breathing techniques in all our sessions.


This is a tantric practice that involves sexual union between partners. However, the focus is not on climax or satisfaction, but on the connection of body, mind and soul. Maithuna is often considered a sacred union that can enable spiritual transformation.

We practise Maithuna in our Tantra Love Rituals.


This practice is about channeling and directing sexual energy by focusing on deep relaxation and conscious breathing. Karezza emphasizes connection and intimacy between partners and aims to harness sexual energies to achieve a deeper spiritual connection.

Karezza is practiced in our Tantra Love Rituals.

Yoni and lingam massage

These massage techniques originate from Tantra and are aimed at awakening and directing sexual energy. Yoni refers to the female genitalia, while lingam refers to the male genitalia. The massage aims to promote relaxation, pleasure and awareness.

Yoni and the Lingam Massage is part of the Tantra massageand the Tantra love rituals.

Kundalini activation

In the tantric tradition, kundalini energy is considered to be a dormant energy source at the base of the spine. Through certain practices, including sexual practices, this energy can be awakened and directed upwards along the spine to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

For our advanced guests.

We carry out these practices in a contextual and respectful setting. Consent and open communication between you and the love artist is crucial. That is why at Secret Tantra we always have a preliminary talk so that we can establish this basis of trust.

Our team is made up exclusively of experienced teachers or practitioners to ensure that our tantra practices are carried out responsibly and safely.

As not all of our guests are already at a high tantric level, we offer the ideal balance between tantra and eroticism. The boundaries here are fluid and for us it is the greatest satisfaction when we can positively influence your path to spiritual and sexual fulfillment.