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Tantric massage of the male genitals to build energy

The Lingam massage is a massage of the male penis, which is also characterized by the term Lingam from the Indian.

The term lingam comes from Sanskrit and means the male genital. The lingam massage, which belongs to the tantra massages, is therefore the massage of the penis and the testicles, but it does not focus on reaching ejaculation.

At Secret Tantra, a Lingam massage is standard for all services.

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With the Lingam massage, a love artist massages your intimate area exclusively for up to one hour. She takes care that you do not ejaculate before the end of the massage. One of very many users of the Lingam massage as a very positive side effect is the possibility to experience a very intense orgasm in the future.

You will also learn how to delay the orgasm considerably in the future, which will benefit your sex life. At the end of the massage you will experience the ejaculation much more intense compared to before.

During the Lingam massage, our Tantrikas gently energize and sensual massage touches to bring the sexual energy of you to flow. In the course of the Lingam massage, the reflex zones of your Lingam are also activated. In addition it comes to a relaxing and at the same time strengthening effect on your whole body.

At the beginning of the Lingam massage, a welcome ritual takes place. Then the penis and testicles are alternately dynamically massaged or gently sensually touched. The massaged person should concentrate very much and try to suppress the orgasm. This special mixture of stimulation and letting go is not so easy for a man at the beginning, because most men react extremely sensitively to touches on the genitals.

Shortly before the orgasm begins, the masseuse receives a signal, whereupon she interrupts the lingam massage. In addition, the massaged person controls his breathing during the procedure. Regular use of the Lingam massage improves endurance during sexual intercourse.

The Lingam massage was developed in the US state of California by the American sex researcher and theologian Dr. Joseph Kramer. He was inspired by the teachings of Taoism, which also deals with sexuality and sexual behavior. Sexuality is seen as a way to stay healthy and to increase harmony and mental abilities.

If you are interested and would like to try something new, discuss it with the Tantrika in the preliminary discussion. She'll be happy to grant your wishes. As an addition here also the Prostate massage.

Further information can be found at the FAQ.

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