The Tantra Intro

Who is the Tantra Intro for?

The Tantra Intro is for all those who want to get to know Tantra, but do not want to miss the sexual union.
It is also aimed at people who may not be able to take as much time with them but who are still looking for the pleasure of a tender ritual.


Your Tantrika will guide you through the ritual here as well.
The Tantra intro is offered exclusively on weekdays from 0800-1700.
Only one Tantrika will offer the intro per day.
The Tantrikas alternate daily.
Appointments are then also possible at shorter notice - usually with only one hour's notice.
In the Tantra Intro the focus is on the tantric massage.
Kisses are as much a part of it as the sexual intercourse at the end.
We do without oral sex, prostate massage and that the guest is pampered by the Tantrika.

How to book?

At Weekly plan is listed which Tantrika offers the Tantra Intro on which day.
At Online booking system you simply choose the Tantra Intro as "Tantrika" and then the desired time.
Or you can book simply by phone, telegram, WhatsApp, SMS or email.

Difference to the normal love ritual

In the classical ritual, everything is celebrated longer, more tenderly and in more detail (including intensive kissing, mutual pampering, oral sex, etc.) It is then a complete, comprehensive love and worship ritual.

DescriptionTantra IntroTantra
Love Rituals
Arrive, escape from the hectic pace of everyday life❤️❤️
preliminary talk❤️❤️
Drinking together ❤️
Small Tea Ceremony ❤️
Cleaning shower (guest alone)❤️❤️
Joint cleaning (shower or bath) ❤️
Foot bath and foot massage ❤️
Breathing exercises for positive attunement❤️❤️
Tantric massage of the whole body❤️❤️
Lingam Massage❤️❤️
Anal Massage ❤️
prostate massage ❤️
body 2 body massage❤️❤️
head, neck and back massages❤️❤️
Massage each other ❤️
Caressing and stroking the whole body of the guest❤️❤️
caress and stroke the whole body on both sides ❤️
Body kisses❤️❤️
French kisses❤️❤️
Oral sex in a man ❤️
Oral sex mutual ❤️
Sexual union❤️❤️
Final, shared bath/shower ❤️
Coffee or tea at the end ❤️

Modern Tantra
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