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Here you can book your time for tenderness.
A Tantra massage or a love ritual can begin between the following times:

Daily 0800 to 2200

That means we welcome our guests until about 22h in the evening. Thus, with longer appointments, it is quite possible that a guest leaves us far after midnight.

Please consult the Weekly plan for the presence of the individual love artists.

All our tantrikas and masseurs have other jobs. In this way, we ensure that each individual encounter is carried with all our heart. This also makes it necessary to request appointments at least two hours in advance. We need this time to be there and to prepare everything for your erotic journey.

The category FAQ gives you answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Zoe or Phil will be happy to answer any questions you may have. The following options are available to you for booking:

As protection against fake bookings, we only assign appointments with personal mobile phone numbers (no hotel or office numbers). We ask for your understanding! Calls with a suppressed phone number remain unanswered.

A telephone number is something private, we treat it discreetly and respectfully. We also need the mobile phone number for emergencies.