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The Tantra love ritual with a couple

A successful Tantra love ritual with a couple is achieved when woman and man enjoy each other - experience common sexuality as a gift. To see it above all as an eternal source of joy. This can strengthen the couple's energy. In other words, the bond of love strengthened. It's a special gift. When lovers touch each other lovingly. Especially as they are full of admiration for each other. To meet in the sacred space. Plus, they get lost in each other. Finally, dissolve into space and time to experience a feeling of infinity.

In the beginning, lovers like to touch each other very much and often. Over time, this often flattens out. However, it is possible to fall in love again, also in a continuous relationship. After all, it is about rediscovering love and sensuality for you. On the one hand to better understand the voice of the heart and on the other hand to experience the joy of touching. And at the same time the desire for erotic play with the partner increases.

During the Tantra love ritual with a couple we accompany couples to rediscover each other. We develop in you the consciousness of the connectedness in love.

Dear Phil, We just came back from our experience with Mae. It was really wonderful! Please tell Mae that she is the best Tantrica I have ever experienced (and a very nice person too...). I hope to have an opportunity to come back to Secret Tantra at some point."

A.+M. - Pair Ritual, 29.9.2018

Gentle changes of position, soothing breathing and the return to gentle massages will expand it further and further. The excitation is lifted to the next level. The feeling of finally standing before the climax rises - one sinks into an intoxicating world of love and happiness.

Tantra for couples is very popular. In Tantra for three, the woman is at the centre. It is supposed to be the center of the energy flow and may therefore especially enjoy the ritual. The partner can participate actively or just watch.

As a couple there is also the possibility to practice the ritual with two Tantrikas or with a couple. So both can individually experience the ritual increase of lust. An erotic arc of tension unfolds between the respective pairs. It comes to an intense and extrasensory experience. Sometimes the ecstasy even leads to a togetherness of all fours.

Further information can be found at FAQ. Also look at the Team who can accompany you on a joint erotic excursion.

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