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A bisexual ritual for three with two Tantrikas

Who hasn't dreamed of experiencing a highly erotic and, above all, genuine third party with two extremely sensual women who also live out their bisexuality among themselves?

In a unique Tantra love ritual for three, all three unfold such a strong erotic, sensual and sexual energy that it will take your breath away. A bisexual ritual is a unique experience. Through the wholeness and the aspect of worship, limitations dissolve quite simply and space is created for new sensual and erotic experiences.

There are no limits to your imagination.

Angelica with Khandra together a pleasure of the extra class. Everything fit. Simply wonderful to enjoy.

S. - Love ritual with two Tantrikas, 14.3.2019

Four-handed touches, which enter into each other, take you into a world of lightness and create connection between your sexual desire and your heart. Deeper levels of sexual passion and ecstasy can open up. This love energy is made perceptible in the whole body. The devotion of two Tantrikas allows you an incredibly intense physical and sensual perception. It is an erotic dance of the body with the senses.

Loving, sensual, powerful, dynamic and attentive, we take you into the world of your sensual and erotic experience. Following the erotic full-body massage, the intensive lingam or yoni massage with care. A four-handed lingam or Yoni Massage crowns the end of this incredibly emotional and subcutaneous massage ritual, if you wish.

You will receive a bisexual ritual in our warm and lovingly furnished rooms. With warm oil and sensual music, as well as fine ethereal scents, we take you into the world of sensual massage.

Zoe or Phil will be happy to advise you which Tantrikas suit you best. Please also note that the lead time for a bisexual ritual is at least one day. After all, we only arrange appointments with women who pamper each other and therefore have to be right between the two.

The Tantra Massage
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