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Sexual intercourse

Spiritual development and sexual union are seen by some people as opposites, but they do not necessarily have to be. However, you should be careful with your own sexuality and consider what goal spiritual sexuality pursues. Besides, here you'll learn the technique of the Red Tantra to use sex for spiritual growth.

Beware of energy loss!

From a spiritual perspective, conventional sex has one main disadvantage: the ordinary orgasm is accompanied by a loss of energy! In men even more so than in women, because the production of semen requires a large amount of energy. Some even claim that the lower life expectancy that men have compared to women is due to the fact that semen production requires so much life energy. For this reason, this so-called climax is avoided.

This may seem like a loss at first, but what sounds more desirable to you: short, uncontrolled muscle tension, followed by fatigue or ecstasy of any length, followed by immense energy and inner peace?

Further, spirituality is about growing beyond physical perception and the form of sexuality as it is usually practiced is very much focused on the physical aspect of existence. This is not a problem in itself, as long as sexuality is treated purely on the physical level, but as soon as it takes in our thoughts, it goes at the expense of inner peace and balance.

Every physical contact brings its karma with it.

One point that often goes unnoticed in the feverish mating behavior of the average Western population is that each person brings his or her own karma with him or her. As soon as physical contact occurs, one binds oneself differently to the person and thus to his or her karmic structures, depending on the type of contact.

It starts with shaking hands, but in a rather mild way, so that the influence of the binding has disappeared again after a short time.

However, when one comes into contact with each other through sexual union, far more intense bonds develop, which last for about 7 years. These bonds can have far-reaching effects on the people who carry them around with them.

Even if it does not lead directly to physical decay, if you have more than one sexual partner in your life, it is nevertheless advisable to hold back, because the mental and karmic structure changes with each partner, which leads to the fact that the contact with your fellow human beings is less and less appreciated in case of too strong mixing. Besides, the urge to look for someone else disappears on its own in a really happy relationship anyway.

The 3 motivations for sex

If you leave out all the personal issues such as affirmation, recognition and the like, there are exactly 3 motives for having sex. These are:

  • Lust:
    Most people today are made to have sexual contact through this motive. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but by reducing it to the physical and emotional components, it is a very limited way of perceiving life.
  • Reproduction:
    The real reason why sexuality and the urge to follow it actually exist. In its proper sense, sexuality is necessary to ensure the survival of humanity.
  • Spiritual development:
    Sexual union can also be used to stimulate spiritual growth. For this purpose, techniques are used which further build up the energy instead of letting it escape via the genitals.

Lust production and reproduction are the obvious possibilities to use sexual contact. When it comes to spiritual growth, however, we come to an area that comparatively few people in modern society have been able to access.

Spiritual Sexuality

In this type of sexual intercourse, as I said, the aim is not to satisfy one's senses or produce offspring. This is about creating energy in the lower part of the energetic body through sexual union and shifting it to the higher parts in order to finally reach samadhi (unity).

Woman and man, who each take on the roles of Shakti (energy) and Shiva (consciousness), have different tasks in this form of intimacy.

The female part

The woman's task in this type of union is to pay full attention to the Muldhara chakra (root chakra).

In traditional sexual intercourse, energy escapes into physical existence, but when concentration is held at the point of the Muladhara chakra, energy continues to build up instead of escaping through the nervous system in a physical orgasm.

This is called Tantric Orgasm and it lasts as long as the woman is able to maintain concentration on the point of the Muladhara chakra. For this reason, it is essential to master the concentration on this point perfectly.

One technique to learn to concentrate on the point of the Muladhara chakra is Uddiyana Bandha.

So you can practice this technique:

  • Position yourself about shoulder width or sit in the heel seat. When you're standing, get down on your knees.
  • Support yourself on your knees with the palms of your hands, keeping your fingers closed.
  • Exhale completely.
  • Pull the belly as far in as possible and hold this position as long as comfortable.
  • Leave the stomach loose again and inhale completely.
  • Repeat this exercise as often as you like and gradually increase the time you hold your stomach in.
  • The moment you hold your stomach pulled inwards, the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles tense up, and right in the middle there is the point to be found.

In the long run you should be able to feel this point in any situation.

Over time it becomes easier and easier to keep the attention on the point and the physical activation via Uddiyana Bandha then only initially necessary to find the point.

The male part

The task of the men looks a little different here. The point on which the man should concentrate in this form of sexual union is at the upper back of the head and is called Bindu.

The thing to keep in mind here is that emotions and passion drop down the point, further into the body. If he falls too far, ejaculation occurs and a lot of energy is lost.

In order to shift the energy at the spine upwards, there is a technique that has to be mastered, this technique is called Vajroli Mudra.

This technique consists of the following steps:

  • Breathe in comfortably and hold your breath.
  • Pulling the sex muscles together.
  • Pull the anus sphincters together.
  • Pull in your stomach a little.
  • Arch your chest forward.
  • Give the tip of the tongue to the back to the soft part of the palate and lower the head slightly.
  • Give the tip of the tongue forward, along the palate, look at the point between the eyebrows.
  • Bring concentration to the top of the skull.
  • Exhale completely.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Exhale again completely.
  • In this way you can shift your energy back to the higher realms of your energy body and prevent ejaculation.

It is advisable to practice this technique for some time before sexual contact occurs, so that it is really possible to use it in a concentrated way.

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Secret Tantra - The sexual union should be made if possible without loss of energy. This is of course especially true for Tantra love rituals.
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