I love to guide you, take you by the hand and then dive into my tantric world with you. Let yourself be guided by touch and don't walk on trampled paths.

Although I am only in my early 30s, I have been moving in the field of erotic massage for several years. I have been practicing Tantra for about two years. During my training I also learned other areas such as Lomi Lomi. If desired, I am also happy to incorporate elements from there into my massages and rituals.

My guests like my energetic and intense nature. And they love my open-minded nature, my endless pleasure in passion.

I would be happy to soon massage you personally or to experience a love ritual with you.



Men, Women, Couples

Tantra massages
Tantra couple massages
Tantra love rituals
Tantra love rituals for couples
Bisexual Ritual

CH-German, German, English


170 cm

Some - clearly visible

Secret Tantra - Kala


Had a great time. Kala is a beautiful and great person.
We were immediately on the same wavelength. The massage was amazing and I'm still fascinated days later when I think back to it.

"F" - Tantra love ritual, December 3, 2023

Great woman with a lot of charisma, charm and sensuality.
"S" - Tantra love ritual, October 1, 2022

Hours of the extra class! Crazy, erotic, wild, tender and always maximum intensity! But I think next time I need you with reinforcement....... .
"H" - Tantra love ritual, October 1, 2021

Today I was with Kala, a very sensitive, young and wonderful Tantrika, where you can forget the daily routine and just enjoy. It harmonized wonderfully and was so full of energy.
Simply unique

"P" - Tantra love ritual, September 30, 2020

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