Here I am - mid-twenties - with a lot of sensual energy and look forward to melting with you soon!

Tantra has fascinated and captivated me since I was very young. And even today I am completely enthusiastic about it and feel really fulfilled by the regular tantric practice. Finally, I now have several years of experience.

With me you can let yourself fall and detach from expectations. It's about letting energies flow through the body and thus feeling it in its entirety in a completely new and intense way.

It is an energetic touch ritual that honors the body - from the tips of the hair to the toes. Your outer appearance does not matter to me. It is about noticing and appreciating every single part of your body.

Body and mind form a unity, barriers are lifted and emotional blockages dissolved. I offer you the opportunity to be mindful of yourself and to recharge your batteries for everyday life.

Embark on a journey to yourself and feel yourself as you have never done before. This way you can get to know and appreciate yourself in a new way, which will sustainably enrich your quality of life.

Let's get to know each other!

Your Dajana



Tantra massage
- Oral option
Tantra love ritual

German beginner, English, Spanish


165 cm



Dajana is young, calm and very sexy! And she lives her young energy to the full - a pleasure.
"P" - Tantra love ritual, July 16, 2023

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